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23 min readMay 21, 2022


Age of Tanks had an AMA session with Cryptoblades on17th of May. The Full Game was discussed and explained thoroughly. If you missed it, below is the full transcript event. You may also watch it on YouTube >> Age of Tanks and CryptoBlades LIVE AMA — YouTube

Kroger: All right. hello everybody! We are alive. So, we have Age of Tanks on today and we have their CMO, Maestro. Do you want to go ahead and give us a little bit of introduction about yourself and Age of Tanks for our viewers?

Maestro Sim: Yeah, sure. Hi everyone! I am Maestro, founder, and CMO of Age of Tanks. I’m very happy to be here to have this live stream with you guys, again. But this time is not Neo, our Founder of Age of Tanks, he is taking care of other stuff and today it will be me. And of course, we will be talking about the gameplay, game mechanics, and game guilds. I will do the presentation for you, guys. I’m happy to be here.

CMO Maestro Sim: Awesome! Yeah. Thanks for joining. So, for those of you that are joining from YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, or Facebook, or on the Age of Tanks YouTube channel as well, we are really happy to have them on. They are one of our Knighthood Program partners and this is an opportunity for us to sort of do a follow-up with them and see where they’re at and they’re going to be walking us through their more recent full game launch and some of the details associated with that. So, without further ado, would you like me to go ahead and share that with the viewers?

Maestro Sim: Yeah. Sure.

Kroger: Awesome!

Maestro Sim: I will show you guys our full game launch with this presentation slide. So, for those who have been following us on Age of Tanks, you know that we have our Alpha in January, we had our Beta in February, and finally 1st of May we have our Full Game launch.

So, for some of our game achievements during our Alpha and Beta. We have more than 23,000 unique wallets connected, more than 100,000 Game Site Sessions, more than 1 million battles conducted, more than 12,000 hours tested, and more than 2,500 feedbacks received from our gamers.

And as you all know for our live full game launch, we have the free-to-play element. It is for players that did not buy our NFT tanks, they can still join in our game — free-to-play. You will receive FREE BASIC TANKS which is a non-NFT, but you can kickstart your journey in our Earth Zero Metaverse. And for all new players that will sign up in our game, you go through five simple steps and tutorials to assemble your first tank. After you complete your tutorial, PVE will be open for these players. And you can receive five Brodium upon your first successful battle. What is Brodium? Later on, I will talk about it.

And the second type of gamers that we are targeting will be the scholarship gamers. So, scholars can apply to join a guild, and through our facility, Concats Academy. You can read up the details in our Ironclad paper or known as a whitepaper. Then you can rent NFT tanks with AOT tokens as deposits and you can play the game, and the reward will be split between the contract owner and the player.

The third type of gamers and the most important type is the NFT gamers. These guys are people who bought our tank NFT, and you will enjoy all the benefits of the free-to-play. Of course, with higher rarity tanks you will be able to earn more daily rewards.

And talking about tanks, I am not sure how many of you are following us. But we have 12 origin tanks in our series. All these tanks are made of 4 parts, and all the tanks we name them especially according to the game, in the year 23100, twenty-three thousand years later. And all these names are uniquely named for creativity. Each name has its reason and its function according to the tank’s attributes.

Different tanks have different rarities and colors. And it is based on colors. So, for the common tank, it will be blue. Not shown on this chart. And following on with the Rare. Epic, Legendary, and Mystic. All the different tanks have different classes and parts and engines, which will be explained in a while.

All tanks are made of four parts which are the hull, the hatch, the gun, and the engine. And I mentioned the point called Brodium. And the Brodium in the free to play, you earn the Brodium and what is it? It is used to bid for the blind box. Every day, there will be blind boxes, and all the blind boxes contain tank parts. It may be a hatch; it may be a gun. It may be a hull; it may be an engine. So, every day that you open, gamers shall receive a tank part by bidding using your Brodium. And the winner shall take the blind box.

How do you participate in the auction? You choose. Your bid. There will be three-time sessions for the auction. And for the different tanks and there will be 10 slots for each part, with each tank part. So, you bid with your Brodium, and the winner will receive the blind box and receive the tank part every day. So, it may be a hatch; 12 different hatches of different ranges of the attack range, and critical chances.

And 12 different guns, the gun determines the attack skill of your assembled tanks and are 12 different parts meaning there are 12 attack skills available for you to piece whatever you wish, which type of combination of the attack that you want to have for your tank.

So, personally, I like the headshot. You know the headshot; the head of the tank is called the hatch. For a human, it’s the headshot. Over here, it’s called hatch shot.

And, there will be 12 hulls. Hull is like the body of the tank and these hulls determine the defense skills of the tank. Each different skills contribute to a different strategy of your tank team.

And lastly, we have the engine. The engine determines the speed of your assembled tanks. And this will be crucial for the team because the first move of the team will be granted to the team with the fastest tank.

Now will be the more complicated explanation. So, for all our engines, there are 6 engine classes and three different types.

The Speed type, the Damage type, and the Defense type. And each type has two classes — the Flash and Agility, Gunslinger, Jericho, Brute, and Guardian.

Let’s look at Jericho, Brute, and Guardian. So, here you can see which engine will contribute what attributes to your tank. For example, an increase in attack percentage or increase in your health percentage, or both.

There is also engine weight capacity, which will be in conjunction with the flash, agility, and gunslinger engines. There is an additional weight capacity that contributes to additional attributes and for these three different engine types, the difference in weight capacity will be converted into the speed. Or the health of the tank.

Now after you’ve got your parts from the blind box, from the auction, you will see your parts on the inventory page. For all the players, after you log in to the game, you will see your inventory page; the amount of blind boxes that you open, you will see the amount of different parts — the hatch, gun, hull, and engine. And take note. There are five different rarities as explained earlier on. So, you will be able to combine lower rarity parts with a higher rarity to give rise to a part with a higher rarity, as seen by the example on the screen.

Now, how to know your tank rarity. Each part has a rank point system. So, the common will be 1 point, rare will be 2 points, etc.; the mystic will have 5 points. So, different rarities give rise to different rank points. The higher the rarity, the higher the rank point. The total of different 4 parts after assembly determines the tank rarity. For example, now you have an epic hatch, an epic gun, a rare hull, and an epic engine. According to the rank system, it’s a 3, 3, 2, and 3. So, after you assemble, the total points will be 11, which will give rise to a rare tank. And a rare tank contributes two points for the team point which form your seven-tank team.

Now, the different tank team’s rarity, each different tank will have a team point similarly, according to their different rarity will be 1–5. And for example, 7 common tanks will be given a total of seven team points which means your tank team will be classified under the common team. Seven rare tanks which seven times two will be 14 points will give you a veteran tank team, etc. If you have 7 mystic tanks, will be seven times five and will give you 35 points, which is a Mystical team.

So, after you assemble your first tank, six more tanks will be needed to be assembled to form a full tank team. As shown here in the example, Tank 2 is a legendary tank, tank 3 is rare, tank 4 is an epic, 5,6, 7, etc.

All in all, if you combine the 7 different tanks, they have 10 team points, and you will be able to tabulate your team points. Over here, the example has 18 points which get you a veteran tank team.

After you assemble your 7 tanks, we need to understand how the gameplay works. In our game, there are two types of battle modes — one is the PVE campaign and story mode, and more importantly, the PVP mode and ranking mode.

Let us now look at PVE and campaign Story Mode — there are PVE1, PVE3, and PVE7. So as the name goes, if you have one tank, you will be able to participate in PVE1. If you have more than 3 tanks, you can participate in PVE3, and using one of the tanks, participate in PVE1. If you have at least 7 tanks, you can participate in PVE7.

In the PVE Chapters and missions, there will be a total of 5 chapters with 5 missions each. And the Brodium rewards vary per chapter, based on the different difficulty levels. After you have the PVE tank team assembled, you select your 7 tanks. You may have more than 7 tanks. You may have 15, or 20 tanks. It’s alright. You choose your 7 tanks, and the seven tanks will classify your tank team rarity. Participate in the PVE to earn Brodium. And the Brodium earned will be used to bid for blind boxes and open up more tank parts of different rarity.

And this is the chart of the amount of Brodium you can receive based on the different chapters and the different missions. Do take note that from Chapter 2 onwards, after you completed the PVE7, chapter 2 mission 5 you will be awarded an A.O.T. token one time.

Chapter 3 mission 5 for PVE7 and PVE3, there will also be A.O.T. token rewards, once per account. And same goes for all the chapters, four and mission five.

Kroger: So does that mean that there is kind of a pathway for free-to-play players to… if they can beat those missions to actually earn some A.O.T. token?

Maestro Sim: There’s no cap for Brodium rewards but the A.O.T. tokens, why are we rewarding the A.O.T. tokens? Because during the assembly of the tank, you use A.O.T. SO, if you play the mission and even if you cannot be successful in the battle, or parts you can actually gain your tank experience. As you level up you will be finding the completion of the mission easier. So, eventually, you will still earn your A.O.T. token as a reward for the game.

Kroger: Got it! Cool!

Maestro Sim: So, after understanding the PVE, let us now look at the PVP. There are 3 modes of PVP — the 1v1 All-Out battle, 7v7 All-Out Battle, and the & 7v7 Ranked Battle. I don’t need to explain the difference between 1v7 and 7v7. Moving forward now, what is the difference between an All-out battle and Rank Battle.

For 7v7 Ranked Battle, it means that if your tank team is like a legendary level, a legendary rarity, you will only be matched with another legendary tank team. So, it’s like kind of a fair play but it is still based on your tank skills. A combination of seven tanks of different skills will determine the winning factor including the speed example the defense skills, and the attack skills which some of the skills are counteracting each other. It’s very important to study our game guide and come up with your most ideal tank team.

As for all battles, you may be surprised, doesn’t mean the higher rarity is the most powerful tank team. It happened before that an epic tank team beat a legendary team or even a mystical team. It may happen because it is based on different skill combinations. Everything counts, speed, health, skill, and of course, luck. So, in the All-out Battle, if you can out-beat your opponent at a higher rarity, you will be receiving higher rewards for that.

Form your best PVP tank team, select your 7 tanks, and do take note that every day we have three different battle time slots — 3 am to 6 am, from 9 am — 12 pm, and from 4 pm to 7 pm. This is to concise all the gamers to be battling at the same time so that you have a higher chance of matching your ideal opponent. And other times, you can still log in to the game, you can use the time to study what kind of tank parts you have, study the skills of the tank parts that you have, and formulate your best strategy.

And for the weekly PVP ranking for now, all right we’ll be giving out the top 20 additional AOT token rewards. Only PvP 7v7 rank battles are calculated.

Kroger: So, I have a quick question about the leaderboard. I guess you will call it making that top twenty. How do you guys determine what their reward is, for the people who are in the top 20? Do you have kind of like a breakdown of what people might be able to expect? Because with any project there is a major question of traction and obviously by saying Thursday’s top 20, that’s going to kind of incentivize people to participate right? Maybe, let us give people an idea of if they were to get started now and start working on building up their team. What would some of those like top 20 or winnings look like?

Maestro Sim: For the Top 20 it will be 7v7 ranked battles meaning for your comment thank you will be there be 20, top 20 for your rare tank team, you have top 20 for your epic tank team and there will be top 20 legendary or mystic. Each different rarity tank team will have its own top twenty. So, you may have up more than seven tanks and it’s for you to decide which ranked battles you want to explore yourself. You may not have a better legendary tank team but if you break out your tank teams into an epic or the rare tank team, you may beat the rest of the players. You may be a better team in the lower rarity. So, it is hard to say that the higher your rarity, the stronger you are. By giving out this top 20 ranking, we want players to engage themselves to strategize their thinking to formulate the best different types of combination so you will be able to see, for example, this week, you can see that you got no chance to squeeze in the top 20 or even the top ten of the legendary tank team, you can choose to downgrade one of your tanks. You know just choose a lesser rarity tank and you fight in the epic and rare range. For each player, we create more combinations of strategies for players to choose which battle they want to go into. So, over here you can see the reward chart. Different tank teams have different rewards. Over here we also have included the 1v1 victory reward. Right now, we have mentioned only 7v7 were able to earn AOT tokens.

So far in 1V1, you may win Brodium which is not necessarily useless because you can use them to open more blind boxes and get more parts and maybe, who knows maybe form a better team.

For an all-out battle for 7v7, you will get the 15 A.O.T. tokens which will be for the ranked battle of that different category or different rarity you’ll get different rewards, and even if you lose the 7v7, we will award you brodium.

On the right side, you can see the top 20 rankings based on different rarity classes. Besides the PVE and PVP, coming soon, we’ll have other functions which we actually opened open up. In our beta, we let our gamers try and gather as many feedbacks. We are upgrading the functions. Concats Academy is specifically for the scholars in play. So, coming soon when more scholars come in, you can use this function in ranked, rent the tank and play PvP. Of course, you need to apply and join the guilds. So, right now we have listed three different guilds which we have engaged, we are very closely partnered with us for our full game launch. And soon we will also open more functions for people. If you buy our land, in the future you can buy this facility, and then you can open a guild in our game and gather players, get the scholars, and play the game.

And lastly, talking about the A.O.T. use case, many people are very concerned about it. So, during our battle launch, we have the tank staking to earn A.O.T. tokens. And of course, the other use cases like forging of the parts, minting of the NFT tanks, and use of your A.O.T in our marketplace, minting on NFT Brobots. It’s in our white paper that in the future you’ll have a companion system. It is like a robot for your tank team. Own land and governance token so all these are the different utilities of our A.O.T and you can just look at the chart and understand more about our game.

Of course, not just on our game, on our website, on our white paper, or our link tree. Do feel free to visit our website, and our official socials to find out more about the game and if you are interested to play in our game, go to our game guide and study how each and different tanks and just how I mentioned the different skills of the tanks, how do they have a combination, plan out your strategy and beat your opponent.

Kroger: Awesome!

Maestro Sim: Yeah! Thank you!

Kroger: Nice and I’ll just sort of add quickly, ever since that first meeting with the age of tanks team when we are discussing different projects that we want to have in our knighthood program, this is exactly the kind of thing that we love to be introducing to our player base and bringing on to our Cryptoblades platform. The level of detail and thoroughness with your game design as well as the different features that you guys are offering and continuing to build is a real long-term project. And bear market, bull market, whatever ends up like. They’re moving with it and this is great stuff to see. Let the viewers know as well as you have any specific questions for the Age of Tanks team, and place them in the chat, wherever you are. Whether that’s YouTube or Twitch, we will check those out. We can get them to answer a few questions prior to closing up for today. But a couple of questions from my end, you mentioned this, what is coming with the Age of Tanks Metaverse. What is driving you? What is your final vision of Age of Tanks is going to be? Maybe you could lay that out for us?

Maestro Sim: The whole creation of Age of Tanks is because we all know, that since last year, GameFi is the next big thing, GameFi is a play-to-earn, pay and earn concept. We started this. As a gamer, as a gaming studio, we want to create a lasting game. We want to create a game that has its uniqueness in the market. So, we believe that we are the first self-assembled NFT GameFi in the market right now that is already live. There are many and there are also a few games that can have different parts or whatever, but so far what we see is that we, know that it’s not easy for the team development aspect. So, moving on we also have our metaverse in place and even people are asking about a mobile version of the game. Yes, we do have a plan. But right now, we want to finalize our desktop version and our web version. So, after we finalize our web version, there is still feedback coming in, but there is still a minor bug that we are patching on and then we will then shift our focus to developing the mobile version.

Anyhow, Age of Tanks is not only a strategic play but you guys can be mixed and matched to form strategy gameplay in it. You can also enjoy the game itself. Our back story and our game story are all original even including our tanks. Why do we spend so much effort in doing all this is because we are gamers and game developers? So, we wish that we can develop a good game for everyone, for every one of you.

Kroger: Awesome! Yeah, that’s great! So, from what I gathered sort of the main vision is let’s make a game that’s fun standalone, on its own aside from sort of the crypto aspect, but then additionally you can have that ability to earn and additionally you can have these components that all contribute to a single NFT and then obviously that can be traded to people when people are entering into a game or exiting the game. They could have that freedom with their assets that’s cool.

I have someone asking if they want to know why no airplanes on the road map?

Maestro Sim: Alright. Initially, we have… all of us have dreams, right? So, why tanks? Let me answer these. Actually, two questions are why tanks and why not airplanes. So, the first question is why tanks? It is because if you read our back story of our Age of Tanks, we are talking about in the year 23100 no flight, no ozone, the sky is full of dust, and there is no way to fly. The sea has dried up. There is no way for ships. So, the only way is tanks, and it is the ultimate machine.

So, this answers the first question. Now, why not airplanes? We have thought about having an Age of Flights, Age of the Sea, Ocean. We thought about that, but we chose to focus on Age of Tanks first. We never know in the future, we may have a second metaverse, the Age of Plane. I think better with Age of Tanks we never know if that is for the future.

Kroger: Yeah. I love that there is an actual answer in this story of Age of Tanks that planes are just not feasible, with the ozone layer and everything. That’s awesome. Let’s see what are the questions we have here.

One question I have about is the PvP and there are tournaments. Now, tournaments are that the name that you have for the leaderboards? Or is there a difference between the player versus player and the tournaments? Or what are your ideas for us incorporating esports? what’s your vision for that right now?

Maestro Sim: We have a weekly ranking, and we know that our game is slightly complicated. It’s not a simple base game. You need to form your best team as I mentioned before. So, for right now it’s only the top 20 that we’re giving out rewards but we have something in place for our tournaments. Tournament match is for like an amateur and you know we have we want to create…

Why do we have the Comcast Academy? Accommodate the guilds to come in, come on board. We want to have a few battles, a huge Royal Rumble, new friend guilds will be challenging each other with their best scholars and fighting out in the tournament. So, we have that in place but right now we are not opening up yet because we are just like 20 days and moving forward, we are also working closely with a few guilds and especially one of the esports backgrounds of four to five years.

Guild that’s coming on board into the GameFi scene and we are working very closely with them and they are hoping to bring their esports athletes into the GameFi scene, as professional scholars and trainers for scholars. These are our plans moving forward, and of course, working with many guilds and guilds can battle out in our tank battles in the tournament that we will be launching once all these skills and scholars are in place.

Kroger: Awesome! Let’s do one more question here from the community. What part of the game is interacting with the blockchain? And then obviously maybe as part of that answer maybe you can elaborate on what part is on the blockchain? Just to give a full view there.

Maestro Sim: Yeah. Actually, talking about which of the game is interacting with our tanks. Our NFTs… Alright, tank parts are not NFT yet. So, when you assemble your four parts, you can choose if you do not like this assembled and you can click cancel and you go back to the different parts. But if you like the final tank you can move straight away you can mint it into an NFT tank you can play in-game or you can extract it through your personal wallet and showcase it as an NFT, just like many of the NFT out there. That is the first part and that is interacting with the blockchain. And secondly, our A.O.T. token is already listed on Pancakeswap since the 1st of December, last year. So, we are a single token model for our GameFi which is quite rare in the market. And why do we choose that? Because we want to create a more buying demand for the token, instead of just selling pressure. Many GameFi die because the selling pressure of the game token is too high. And there is not much utility or people, scholars have to put bread on their tables. So, there is no choice given to them whether they will sell or if they have to continue. So for our game, that’s why we design a single token model is because we want to create more utility for our AOT tokens. And not just on the minting, on forging, and soon when our metaverse is ready, we will have a land facility, different facilities different functions. We have the repair factory. Your tanks will have the durability, that once after 100 barrels you need to repair your tank which you need to use an A.O.T. token for the repair fee.

And who earns the A.O.T. token? It is not us. It’s not a game developer. You will be the NFT owner, the factory NFT owner which is on the land. So, to have thee NFT repair factory, you need to have the land. So, these are all NFTs which is interacting with the blockchain.

Kroger: Awesome! And I love the elaboration on the single token model. Obviously, with the skill tokens and Cryptoblades, we have operated in the same way. And to be frank, it is the unspoken truth of the dual token model — Here’s our token that we want investors to buy, and we want them to sort of profit on all the user activity and all of the guilds joining. And then they take the crumbs, and all set one reward pool essentially is what it is. “Hey! Let’s put $1,000,000 into this token and it looks so bright and shiny” and all the players are like really “Look at how they care so much about us” and then it’s just ‘sell, sell, sell, sell’ permanently. And was going to buy some token that’s only purpose is to be sold, right? Nobody buys that token. And once that runs out, what are you going to do, right? And meanwhile, all the investors are happy, I guess because they are they have their token. But why not give the players ownership of the project? of the protocol? that is what it’s doing here and I love that approach. Obviously, we take the same approach, from a tech perspective. Also, even over just more of a general philosophical perspective, players should be able to kind of become shareholders of the project by owning the actual investor token. So, that is great.

That is everything that we have for it today with the Age of Tanks. Is there anything else you want to leave us with before we closed off the stream for today?

Maestro Sim: Well, I am very happy to have this session and I am hoping to have more. Thank you, Kroger, for the hosting and everything, and thank you to the community for all the questions. They are excellent questions and for some other questions that we may not have answered or addressed, feel free to join our socials you can ask us, ask our mods and we will guide you along the way, to know to understand more or our game.

Kroger: Awesome! Yeah, thank you so much, Age of Tanks team for going over all of this with us and for continuing to build. We put our trust in you guys by bringing you into the Knighthood Program and it was a great decision because you guys have been able to build over the past six months and in this bear market especially is incredible and we wish you guys the best of luck and I’m certain that we will have another talk soon. So, all right. Thanks, everybody. We got to close it off here and we will talk soon. Bye!

Maestro Sim: Alright. Thank you.



Age of Tanks is the First Military Strategic Metaverse and 3D turn-based strategy game, set in an immersive world, where gamers build & command their fleet of tanks to storm the battlefields in their quest to conquer Earth Zero!

“Age of Tanks is the flagship project of DefiNation studio, a gaming startup proving itself to bring blockchain gaming to new qualitative and user engagement levels. In Age of Tanks, DefiNation studio leverage on the BSC blockchain advanced blockchain and in-game Defi features.” READ MORE.

Age of Tanks is the flagship project of DefiNation studio, a gaming startup proving itself to bring blockchain gaming to new qualitative and user engagement levels.

In Age of Tanks, DefiNation studio leverage the BSC Chain, enabling advanced blockchain and in-game DeFi features.

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