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Battler Trailer, Website Upgrade, INO, Achievements & More!

Salute esteemed partners, investors, and the AOT Champions!

As promised, we are here to give you a weekly news update on the Game Development, Blockchain Development, and Business Development aspects of AOT. And we did it on our YouTube channel — https://youtu.be/TxZeZKs0H3M
with our Founder-CEO Jackson Neo and our Founder-CMO Maestro Sim and hosted by Professor T-Rex. If you missed it, we have here a summary prepared just for you!
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Battler Trailer Whitelisting Event

We have an ongoing Battler Trailer Whitelisting Event, where our whitelisted participants tried out demo gameplays. Right now, more than a thousand feedbacks came back from those who have tried the Battler Trailer.

We collected their reviews and recommendations for improving the game and we are happy to announce that we are working on them diligently, exploring the possible inclusion in the game, and some are already underway, in time for the alpha game launch.

If you haven’t tried our battler video, you may join and get dedicated access by completing the form here- https://sweepwidget.com/view/41698-gmfotywx

And after which, you may send us your recommendations by completing this google form!!

Be blown away by our Gameplay Demo Video here!

Here are some points raised by the beta testers:

Speed of battle is too fast

The battler trailer is set at auto-play to reduce time consumption since it is just a demo. Later on, we will have champion-battler mode, wherein players can choose which tanks to attack during the player’s turn.

More tank skins

We will have at least 20 origin tanks that can be mixed and matched with different parts. These can be permutated to more than 16,000 designs. For color schemes, there will be more than 100 million different colors that you can use to mint. When the game launch, you will find out that you have lots of original designs and color schemes to build your favorite tanks! We are also happy to announce that we are the first self-assembly tank NFT out there! A very proud accomplishment, indeed!

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We will soon be implementing DAOS for our token holders. Voting on the recommendations as the game progresses, will allow top voters to be rewarded in a play-to-earn scheme.

Our website is being updated every couple of days, so you might want to check out new updates on our Official Website- https://ageoftanks.io

Visual improvements and easy accessibility were improved that would make the browsing experience more enjoyable for everyone.

New Updates:

• Announcement Bar where you can see the latest updates for AOT

• Is this a doxxed project? Defination Team members- the faces behind this great project are now posted on the website. Get to know them more! Click our team to see full team members!

• New video of A.O.T. Assemble Update

Check out Video here!

CoinMarketCap, BSC, Telegram, PancakeSwap Direct Links & Official Contract Address

• Council Avatars which we designed specially for our advisors! Each one is dedicatedly designed with their identity. These will be in 3D and will probably be incorporated into the game in the future.

All that and more! Just check out, guys!
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Currently, we have 60 videos on YouTube that you might want to check out to see the amazing game features of the game! Watch AMAs, game reviews, and videos done by communities in their languages. These videos will give you a better understanding of Age of Tanks. YouTube search results here!

We also have articles written about Age of Tanks that you might find to be interesting to read. You can google us or visit our Telegram channels for announcements. Some of the articles you may find here- https://ageoftanks.medium.com

INO- Initial NFT Offering

A.O.T. will be having INO — tanks and lands INO soon. On the website, you willl see that there are facilities, and these are for the usage of the landowners. We created in-game utility that the landowners will be able to use instead of just waiting for lands to appreciate. The players will make use of these facilities thereby generating income for the landowners.

These facilities are in our showroom! Check them out here!!

• Iron Forge

• Brodium Mine

• AOT Refinery

• Guild Hall

• Concat’s Academy

• Dome Nation

We have 10 more facilities coming up soon! So, you better keep it locked and loaded on our official channels and social media platform!
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What we have achieved so far!

On these dates, we launched the IDO with our partners:

29th November 2021: Sold out in 7 minutes on Seedify

27th November 2021: Sold out in 3 minutes on Enjinstarter

28th November 2021: Rapidly sold on Metaplay

Our social media account has increased in numbers where our Telegram Global community added more than 5K users to our already strong 30k members

We established Telegram communities for Turkey, Latin America, Iran, India, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, and China, with a collective number of nearly 10,000 members.

AOT’s Twitter account stands at a sizeable 30,000 followers.

We have gained the support of about 200 Key Opinion Leaders such as Alex Becker, CryptoRand and Dusty bc on YouTube.

We also have been consistently ranked amongst the Top 30 most visited websites on Cryptogames Listing website: Playtoearn.net!

Our highly successful DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Listing on Pancake Swap garnered an all-time high of more than $1.50, within a mere 2 hours of launch.


We have been ranked #2 on the list of most popular and trending hot tokens on Dextools.io within 1 hour of its DEX Listing

Our token was listed on Coinmarketcap.com almost immediately after its launch on the exchange.

We are currently working with a number of major Centralized Exchanges for A.O.T token listing.

Most recently, we are nominated for the Most Anticipated Blockchain Game of 2022 on play2earn.com- an ongoing event which you might want participate in, and show support to A.O.T. by voting for us! The event will end on December 22, 2021.

In addition, we are now on the 4th spot of Top & NFT GameFi Projects on Fire by Cryptograph Ratings. Our rated score is 92!

On Crypto Street news, A.O.T. is on the Top 5 Game- Projects to watch.

Trending searches by cryptorank.io 4 dec 2021 shows that we are on the Top 10.

Valuable Partnership for Upcoming INO

We are so proud and honored to announce our close collaboration with the following partners namely:

• Unix Gaming


• Path DAO

• Meta Gaming Guild

And the list will not stop there, as we are aggressively talking to other guilds as well.

A.O.T. will open on these NFT MARKET PLACE

• Babylons

• DareNFT

• Cheersland


• Acknoledger

Our partnership with Acknoledger will help to map and index all our NFTs in metaverse and provide seamless experience for the users

• SupraOracles

Partnership with Oracle and RMG is to ensure fairness to our players in our game.


• Conflux

Integration has started with Conflux and in talk with other- layer 1

• Link Cube Venture

Multi chain NFTs cross-over


Link here!
Our audit certification is almost done! Certik which is the leading audit firm for crypto projects is doing A.O.T.’s.

Certik voting is currently at 98% and we need your vote to facilitate this much faster.


For Staking and farming, we have already applied at Pancakeswap and are still exploring other platforms such as Ape-swap. There is also the possibility of doing it on our own website to give more options to our token holders.

We are building a strong and healthy community where our tokens are spread out evenly with a fair ratio throughout the globe, preventing whales from swooping in, hurting the community as a result.


We want to thank all our investors in the community especially the whitelisters (Tier 1& 2) who have been with us from the very start, long before we acquired big partners. We are asking for your patience and we know a lot of you are growing anxious why we haven’t laid out the policy or guidelines but rest assured that we want to give you the best of AOT because you deserve it. We just don’t want to give you a small amount but more! You are the back bone of our project and we have big plans for you! So, we are asking for your patience and understanding and that we will keep you updated.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone who watched our weekly news update and promises that we will be having more of this, in lieu of our AMAs because we believe that this will be more effective on letting the community know us better.

Salute, Champions! See you on our next LIVE Weekly News Update!

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