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And we are back for our weekly update, Champions!! In case you missed us on YouTube, here is a summary of the event.

Game Development Aspect

As you know by now, we always say that in game-fi, the game comes first. So, we will start with our Game Development aspect.

Let’s look at the tank designs that we have mixed and matched from the four different parts of the tank- the HATCH, GUN, HULL, and ENGINE

“You can see that some tanks have same hatch, hull, gun, engine- also the same color. This will give you an insight into how our origin tanks will look like. This is not the full roster of designs. Based on our calculations, with just one color we can form up to 16,000 different combinations of tanks. We are very excited to show you that here there are 18 of them!”


Let us now go to the different parts of the tank and their uses!

All the different parts of the tank contribute to the tank’s weight. The hatch defines the attack range (ATK) and the critical chance or percentage (CRIT) of the tank.

The hull will determine the life of the tank(HP) and defense skill, while the tank’s offense-in and attack skill will be provided by the gun.

Now, the most important part of the tank- the engine has the barring capacity. This will decide how much weight the tank can hold. So, one needs to calculate the weight capacity of the tank through the kind of engine that will be used. The engine also determines the speed and class of the tank. If the engine capacity can’t hold the weight of the hull, gun and hatch, the tank cannot be formed. The key is selecting the best engine that would be compatible to the three other parts, to form the best possible tank.


For all the guns, besides the base attack damage it can inflict, there are 10 Attack Ability Skills — Batter, Critical, Penetrate, Burn, Scatter, Freeze, Duel, Vulnerable, Unstoppable, and Hatchshot which is a very powerful skill. To those familiar with Counter Strike’s headshot, this is the shot that kills the target in one shot. These are the basic attack skills that will be available in the ALPHA TESTING soon.

For Batter, 2–6 attack launch consecutively is indeed a powerful skill even if the attack power is weak. Multiple attacks could do serious damage.

Critical skill gives the tank the power to attack 200–600% more! For Penetrate, once the skill was used, the succeeding attack will give additional damage (10–100%). Burn is like incineration, where an attack can affect the health of the enemy tank by 5–50%.

Scatter is an exceptional skill that is so powerful, one can attack multiple targets simultaneously! What firepower! Freeze renders the enemy tank immobile for one round.

Duel skill makes the attacked enemy retaliate only to the one who caused the damage until one is destroyed. Fight until death!!! While Vulnerable skill targets the enemy tank with the lowest attack skills, Unstoppable does the opposite- strike the highest attack skill.


Defense skill is based on which hull is selected. Here we have 10 different defense skills. These are Holy Shield which enables the tank to resist multiple attacks, and Taunt skill, ignores other enemies, and attacks only the ones with taunt skills.

Heavy Armor reduce damage taken by 10–80%. The Dodge skill allows the tank to dodge an attack with a 10–80% chance.

Revive skill lets the tank come back to life after death, while Reflect as the name implies, causes damage to the attacking tank. Recover skills lets the tank get back a certain percentage of its HP, and Revenge will retaliate to the tank that attacked it.

Summon is a interesting skill, for when it is hit and not destroyed, it will be able to bring back a destroyed ally tank. Death Note is the skill that lets ally tanks take revenge by being able to strike back all at once, immediately.

All these skills will be available on the Alpha Testing Game. After INO is launched, Beta Game will be available to play before the Official launch on February 22, 2022.

Be blown away with more skills, parts, tanks that will be coming up! It will definitely be more comprehensive in the future!


The most important part of the tank which is the engine, has three classes- Speed, Effect and the Defense Class. In Speed class, there are two types of engine- Flash and Agility, while Attack Class has Gunslinger and Jericho. The Defense Class also has two- Brute and Guardian.

Different engine will determine what kind of strategy one wants for the team especially when one goes to the 7V7 PVP battle.

Here is a good news for all players out there! Soon the Alpha Test Game will be available to the community and it has the play and earn feature already, allowing players to earn Brodium. Stay tuned for more information on this new development!

Before we move over to the Business aspect side of AOT, we remind everyone to take time to study the different parts of the tanks, the possible combinations that will allow you to triumph on the battlefield. The game development is moving real smoothly and more than we were expecting! So, rest assured that we are working tirelessly to give you more in the future!


In our new weekly update, we will tackle 4 major points that concerns every game-fi project. We believe that these will determine how the game-fi project will perform when it is launched. And today, we will cover these 4 points for AGE OF TANKS.

What have we accomplished this week?

First, we will update you on our efforts to ramp up marketing. The marketing effort is the most important aspect in the game-fi and crypto scene and we are doing our best to find the right partners to help us grow.

This week, we are proud to announce our strategic partnership with NFT Technologies. This company will go public in the stock market in a few weeks with an expected 9 digit valuation. They will provide credibility, support and exposure to our game.

We have also engaged a growth hacking partner, IBC Group. The IBC team brings a wealth of knowledge in marketing and technology and have begin working with us to reach gaming community via coin telegraph press release, REDDIT growth hacks, ambassador group ,community boosting, KOLS, crypto podcast, display advertising, and most importantly, NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE BILLBOARD!! A great milestone for the A O.T community, indeed!!

In-Game NFT Security

Storage is the ONE most important components in NFTs, especially NFTs gaming, something which most people neglected. This is something we take seriously.

Currently, we are working with Denet & Filecoin. They provide a decentralized storage system for our NFTs, games storage, and security that will solve our storage and security issues. This is on the top of our list, so we assure you that we are doing our part in pumping up our security.

Thirdly, Token Utilities — which is very important. We’re glad to announce that $A.O.T is now listed on Multi-asset Staking Platform of CheersLand. All users can stake $A.O.T to earn HP, the universal ticket for the games based on CheersLand, and enjoy the journey of Play2Earn without payment. Read more on this here.

We are working with a few more partners and this is going to make it a lot more exciting for AOT!

SPINTOP, a blockchain exclusive gaming platform, that provide Gamepedia (Community — Driven Gaming Guide)

SPINDEX — Gaming Exclusive AMM, Staking& farming pools and a gaming wallet. The community can also stake there.

Guild Maker — an automated guild system for match Play to earn Sponsors and scholars

NFT Marketplace- NFT trading & lending ground for guilds and players.

Smart Contract Audit

We are proud to announce that our first stage of audit is completed. We take in the advice of Certik and we immediately rectify the issue, currently all the critical and major issue have been resolved

The Centralization / Privilege issue for our Initial Beneficiary Listing, will be on the next stage of our audit, we will be assigning the Privilege of vested token to each respective beneficiary.

We have locked our vested token through smart contact which is fully audited by CERTIK. Read here.

Lastly, we want everyone to know that we are working with solid and reliable partners, making us confident in AOT’s success!!


We know that this has been a concern for the community and we would like to address and assure everyone that we want the best for out whitelisters who have been with us from the very start.

So, here is an awesome news for you! We will double your benefit by combining your benefit with INO!!! You can get A.O.T tokens for a discounted rate that will be combined with a slot for you to participate in our INO happening this December. Isn’t that the greatest deal?!?!

Why is it taking so long for us to announce the INO?

We are now in partnership with the Best Launchpad in the world and signed a Non-disclosure Agreement, the reason why we can’t announce it yet. So we ask for your patience, and as soon we have the go signal, you will be the first to know!

Currently, we engaged top crypto leader from Singapore to make sure that what we are doing is right and proper so we can protect the interest of our partners and investors.

AOT also started the cross-chain integration on Conflux and we hope to work with more layer1s.

We are also proud that with the current bearish market, AOT is holding its own. When other tokens are below their listing price, AOT stayed stable with the x4. And when we launch our game, we are sure that AOT will get bigger!

AOT has a really strong community and is not just controlled by a few whales, PTO roof of which is our token holders doubling their size!

Even more good news! We are going on not just one but we’re going to be listed on a few more CEX and might happen earlier than the INO!

We have big plans for AOT into the metaverse and perhaps, into a Multimetaverse. So, we are working constantly with solid partners. With all of these things in play, we hope that things are going go bigger and bigger for AOT!

On a side note, in case you people are wondering, NEO has been NEO even before the movie Matrix. So, we know the people behind AOT are real people working tirelessly to make things great for AOT, its partners, investors and community!

Salute, Champions and brace yourself because Age of Tanks is going to change lives!

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