ALPHA -> 22nd Feb 2022 -> BETA


We hear you. Let’s extend Alpha to 22nd Feb!💪

To facilitate this implementation and to continue the Play-to-Earn journey of all loyal supporters, additional 200,000 $A.O.T have been deposited into the Reward Pool! 🤑


On the 22nd Feb 2022, Age of Tanks will be transiting to BETA!

Featuring FULL gameplay with refreshing UI/UX and bugs fixes 🎉

But why Beta and not Full Game?


💰 NFTs Staking… with a Control Point twist

  • NFT Utility available immediately right after NFT Sale!
  • Merging Control Point Clash and NFTs Staking! We bring you Control Pool Staking!
  • Defeat current Stakers’ Tank NFTs and take over the pool. Now defend the pool with your life against the next challenger and the next! 💥
  • The longer you control the staking pool the more $A.O.T you earn!
  • Captivating tutorial
    As you play thru the first few battles of the campaign mode will be tutorial, helping players learn the game thru a more interactive experience.
  • Cutscenes telling the Age of Tanks story for a more immersive experience.
  • Mini Tournament Mode where players can buy in and try to win the top prize
  • Sealed PvP Tournament Mode
    - Even the playing field for new players against Veteran Players
    - Players get random parts to assemble a fleet of 7 tanks
    - Parts and tanks assembled are only available during the sealed PvP Tournament
    - True test of the players’ strategy and skills. Similar to our current Alpha Launch.
  • Play as Champions of Earth Zero
  • Fully customizable & upgradable
  • More details to be released soon!
  • Tank NFTs full functions
    - Assembling / Dismantling
    - Tank Parts forging to higher rarity
  • Tooltips
    - Hover over symbols to help players understand and make better decisions when strategising and assembling Tanks!
  • Battle Replay
    - Battle replays that can be uploaded to social media. I mean what’s the point of all that PvP if you don’t get some bragging rights?

Are you truly ready to ASSEMBLE, OUTWIT and TRUIMPH? Find out in the Earth Zero Metaverse!



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