AOT & UnitBox — A Win-Win Partnership to Champion All P2E Stakeholders

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4 min readNov 18, 2022


Age of Tanks proudly announces its newest partnership with UNITBOX PROTOCOL, the first Rent-To-Earn solution and the most flexible NFT rental protocol based on the revenue-sharing model.

Both teams have agreed to work together to increase growth and offer a win-win interaction within the Play-to-Earn industry, where NFT owners and players can meet one another.

About UnitBox

There is more to UNITBOX PROTOCOL than just NFT rental.

UNITBOX Protocol is a decentralized opportunities aggregator for players and an investment tool for NFT owners that presents an NFT rental solution based on the revenue-sharing model. Players can use UNITBOX Protocol to find new opportunities to participate in. They make it possible for owners of NFTs to do whatever they want with the asset they own while simultaneously removing all entry barriers. The number of players will increase at an exponential rate as a result of the influx of players who are sponsored as scholars with borrowed NFTs.

  • UNITBOX PROTOCOL is the first NFT rental protocol based on the revenue sharing model — rent2earn — by linking millions of game-NFT owners and players we create the unique high-yield investment product based on GameFi-NFT rent for the whole crypto community
  • UNITBOX protocol allows developers to easily integrate NFT-rental technology into games and other NFT marketplaces

Profits are split between the owners of NFTs and the players, according to a revenue-sharing model that is implemented by the protocol (players). A one-of-a-kind set of tools is made available on the dashboard for use by guilds in the process of player tracking and management. Because it is powered by smart contracts, the new use case for wNFT also enables owners to call back their NFTs if they determine that the payer will generate a lower profit. The returns that NFT owners receive can also be maximized by selecting “true players” who generate profits consistently.

UnitBox is an effective Rent-to-Earn model for the GameFi Universe. It provides the highest possible rewards through the use of NFT rentals.

UnitBox Benefits


Guilds do not need to fuss over what to expect when they decide to call back NFTs. Performance and other key information are clearly displayed on their dashboard.


Pre-coded functions on UNITBOX Protocol wrap the NFTs provided and assign them to the user’s preferred scholar. Guilds or owners can call back the NFT anytime.


Distribution of profit between the scholars and the owners or guilds that provided the NFT.


Scholars and Guilds can explore and choose from a range of genres and themes available on the platform.

UNITBOX Protocol creates a win-win solution for all parties using a cluster of decentralized gaming innovations.

To learn more about UnitBox, visit their official links:

About Age of Tanks

The First Military Strategic Metaverse is where gamers build & command their fleet of tanks to storm the battlefields in their quest to conquer Earth Zero! The ozone layer that protectively embraced the planet no longer exists. Exposed to harsh solar storms the skies rage with turbulent winds. This is an age without oceans. This is an age without flight. This is an age where the fight for supremacy hinges on having the Ultimate Armored Vehicle.

For who controls the tanks control A.O.T. And who controls the A.O.T, controls the Metaverse! Mine resources, build your NFT tanks, and defend your territory against thousands of other players that will try to outsmart you!

Assemble. Outwit. Triumph.

“Age of Tanks is the flagship project of DefiNation studio, a gaming startup proving itself to bring blockchain gaming to new qualitative and user engagement levels. In Age of Tanks, DefiNation studio leverage on the BSC blockchain advanced blockchain and in-game Defi features.” READ MORE.

Age of Tanks Renowned Personalities in the Blockchain Industry as Advisors and over 60 Guild and VCs as Partners are attestations of A.O.T.’s dependability.

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