Caduceus and Age of Tanks: Creating a Metaverse Together

Age Of Tanks
3 min readJun 13, 2022

Age of Tanks has entered into full collaboration with Caduceus, becoming an important part of its ecosystem.

In this partnership, Caduceus will empower AOT and assist us in building our Metaverse, as Age of Tanks contributes to the successful deployment of Caduceus Mainnet.

About Caduceus

Caduceus platform is an open infrastructure-level blockchain that was created exclusively for the metaverse and the distributed digital world. Caduceus is able to provide consumers, developers, and artists with an unparalleled experience in the metaverse as a result of its utilization of decentralized rendering and edge computing in conjunction with extended-reality technologies.

Decentralized edge rendering Metaverse Protocol was developed by Caduceus as a solution to this problem and is the first of its kind. By utilizing the C2B technology, Caduceus claims to have made it possible for all networked devices to participate in GPU computations.

As a result of Caduceus’ advanced technical features, users have access to many different ways to connect to their data. They may also take advantage of real-time data response, data optimization, application intelligence, and security and privacy. It is the metaverse infrastructure layer that provides the solution for real-time transfer, cost-saving, and simple integration. Developers will also be able to use Caduceus’ toolkits to build their own metaverses.

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About Age of Tanks


Age of Tanks is the First Military Strategic Metaverse and 3D turn-based strategy game, set in an immersive world, where gamers build & command their fleet of tanks to storm the battlefields in their quest to conquer Earth Zero!

“Age of Tanks is the flagship project of DefiNation studio, a gaming startup proving itself to bring blockchain gaming to new qualitative and users engagement levels. In Age of Tanks, DefiNation studio leverage on the BSC blockchain advanced blockchain and in-game Defi features.” READ MORE.

Age of Tanks Renowned Personalities in the Blockchain Industry as Advisors and over 60 Guild and VCs as Partners are attestations of A.O.T.’s dependability.

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