Gameplay Overview

Age of Tanks has a dynamic campaign progression and leveling system that rewards players as they progress through the game. Players can keep earning more XP to increase their CHAMPION Level in advancing through the different stages of the campaign.

CHAMPIONS are masters at scavenging. Frequently modifying old tech with new to construct weapons or armor. Once these plans and parts were ready, they would be brought to the Iron Forge for further development and assembly. CHAMPIONS who have gathered enough parts to form fleets of tanks would hone their skills against other Champions in the arena. Gamers can choose to sell parts they have obtained or assemble 4 separate parts into a super tank for conquest and conquer. There are different skills available for every part, with some having special bonus attributes to unleash on the battlefield, thus allowing for infinite strategic possibilities. Tanks, after being assembled, will be minted to actual NFTs and can be traded in the NFT marketplace.

All players start with Basic Tanks which are not on the blockchain, and therefore cannot be traded.

As players level up and progress through missions in Age of Tanks, they will earn Brodium, a crucial element to redeem Warchests which drop Tank parts needed to assemble and mint a Tank. Both the Brodium and Tank parts are not on the blockchain, providing players the flexibility to ultimately design their unique NFT tanks.

By progressing through the dynamic campaign and leveling system, gamers will earn $AOT tokens. The minting of Tanks and forging of parts are on the blockchain and can be freely traded in our marketplace.

In our upcoming articles, we will have a deep dive into Scavenging, Forging , Assemble and Mint, Battle and Conquer, $AOT Utilities and many more!

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