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Beta Game Status, INO & More!


After the very successful Alpha Game, up next is our Beta Game Launch and we are so thrilled to present what Age of Tanks has instore for you! Here is the full transcript of the AMA held on 24 February at 8 pm GMT+8 with our CEO Jackson Neo and CMO Maestro Sim.

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Prof T-Rex: Good day Champions! Welcome to Age of Tank’s Weekly Update. This is Professor T-rex, your host for this week’s live stream.

Before we start with our highlight, on our AMA for today, I would like to give you a very brief recap guys of what just happened during the past weeks. We just launched our Alpha Game successfully. We also had our INO or Initial NFT Tank Offering. We also had events on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Discord as well as Facebook. All these for the past weeks.

So, if you want to get updated, get updates on our communities, don’t forget to follow us on our socials and connect to our communities.

Okay let us not keep waiting everyone for today, I know you are excited what our guest for today have for us. So, let us all welcome, guys our CEO Jackson Neo as well as our CMO Maestro Sim. Hello, gentlemen. Welcome!

CEO Jackson Neo: Hello, everyone! Hi, Champions. I am Neo.

CMO Maestro Sim: I am Maestro.

CEO Jackson Neo: We are the founders of Age of Tanks. Nice to be here again. It’s been a while since we last talked to you guys.

So, today we will provide you guys with some of the things that we have done prior to the last 10 days and what is going to happen in the next 10 to 20 days. So, without further ado, let’s bring up the presentation. Oh, is it live already? Good.

Okay. For our Alpha Game launch, what’s the highlight that happened? Let’s take a look back at our Alpha Game launch which happened from 22nd of January to 22nd of February.

We have accumulated over 400K battles in our metaverse, and we have paid out more than 1.2 million $A.O.T. token and everyone is very happy, and not only that, in this Alpha Game launch the greatest achievement we have done is that we have garnered a lot of attention from different platforms, different communities, and country.

And most importantly, we have so many — 7 million attention watchlist on Coin Market Cap. This is a great achievement to Age of Tanks, and I am so honored and so proud to all the hard work done by our crew and all the support given to us by our community. 7 million watchlist on CMC is amazing as is. Even more than the biggest layer1 in the world.

I am not too sure how we got here. At least we are trying, we are fighting. I think this is a good show that we are doing the right thing, and this is all thanks to our community. Thank you so much.

CMO Maestro Sim: Thank you. Okay. Next slide.

CMO Maestro Sim: So, for the basic information about our INO, we have the information in our main website, in our medium channel, in our Telegram. So please feel free to go and check it out, if you are interested in our INO. Okay?

But mainly, we are now pushing our Blind Box Voucher NFT on the two INO platform which are Babylon and Altura. Alright. And after you purchase the Blind Box Voucher, which will consist of 7 random tanks with one guaranteed mystic tank and minimum of epic or legendary.

After you purchase our Blind Box Voucher, you go to our Beta website, which is already up, you can redeem from your voucher into the Blind Box.

CEO Jackson Neo: So, for the beta Game Launch that is happening right now, what are the game modes and different functions that we are introducing, which includes your NFT staking, your market where you are able to buy, to bid and exchange for free.

And of course, it’s our warehouse. And you can enjoy higher fleet of tanks. And most importantly, the battle itself, you are still going to get you’re A.O.T. rewards. Guilds! We are working with a lot of guilds from the APEC Region more guilds that came and work with us, especially in the region of China and I think it’s pretty amazing because they have one of the biggest populations in the world.

So, I think we have done some great job recently and the Concast Academy will be ready as well. And last but not the least, you can see the start of our metaverse opening up.

CMO Maestro Sim: First, to take note is that what our CEO has mentioned, all the game modes and functions, they are currently simulations of the actual full game launch. So, you can actually try out, even though you have not participated in the INO, you may not even own our tanks NFT. You can try out in our Beta website now.

And for the first function that he has mentioned the NFT Staking. After you have bought the Blind Box Voucher, at the end of the month you can open you blind box, you will receive you 7 Tank NFTS. After you receive your Tank NFT, you can go to our Merging Control Point Clash, which is a game function that we created for our NFT Staking. And you can stake your NFT over there, before you use your tank to play in our Full Game Launch.

Right now, is the Beta Launch, and we do not use your NFT Tanks to play the game yet. Similar to our Alpha Game, we give you the free pass, free blind box and you open up, form and assemble your own tanks, dismantle your own tank and you play with other players and try it out as a simulation.

So, for those NFT holders, without, since you cannot play, we allow you to stake your NFT and earn A.O.T. And the concept is like this, in Control Point Clash, you use your NFT tanks, and you take over the pool, defend the pool with you tank until the next challenger come and defeat you. So, you may stay there as long as you can. Or some better tanks may come and take over spot you are staying on. The longer you control the staking pool, the more $A.O.T. you will earn. And stay tuned for this function.

CEO Jackson Neo: Yeah. We added this function because we received this suggestion during our Alpha Game Launch. And you can see that we are listening; we are going through every suggestion, and we think that it’s a very cool addition, so we decided to include this. It’s a bit of a tower defense idea in the Merging Control Point. So, we are adding it in right now. We are allowing our community to give us suggestion and improve the game, as what you like. I think this is the minting that we are trying to show.

Next, we go to the Market Place. So, you have some partial functions, and our Land and Parts sales will be available very soon. You can buy, you can bid, and you can exchange your tanks. And I think this is pretty amazing. I don’t see any platforms doing NFT swap yet. So, we’re kind of experimenting with this idea. Why? It might work because in the future we may have some campaigns that we say, now we need a fleet of all 7 tanks that is of freezing ability, and you don’t have it. So, you can do a swap with someone so they can compete with different challenges. We are experimenting with this idea. We hope the community likes it. This is one of the suggestions that happened during the Alpha Game launch as well. We think it’s pretty cool! So, we decided to add it in. And first take note that only Beta- test tanks can be used for these battles.

In the Hangar, you have the Attribute, you have your Forge, you can Dismantle your tank, you can Assemble your tank. So, you can see the whole game coming, bit by bit. Since day one we have said, we’ve been trying to be far more sophisticated game than the regular Pokémon games. So, there’s a lot of elements that we can add in, to enhance the whole experience. We are introducing all these enhancements step by step, so we can educate our community members, to learn the game step by step.

CMO Maestro Sim: So, besides the Market Place and the Hangar, you can also participate in the battles. The battle is similar to our Alpha Game, but we have increased the 1v1.

Some people you can try the 1v1 mode. Why? Because moving on, you may not have 7 tanks, you may just have one tank and just start with one tank. No problem!

With our default tank, you can start 1v1, earn Brodium, get more tanks, get more parts and assemble more tanks and you form your own fleet of 7 tanks. So, I’ll just read through what you can see on the screen.

Currently, we only battle with beta tanks for the 1v1 and 7v7. And we have our weekly ranking, as usual. Be among the top in the weekly and season ranking to earn $A.O.T.

There’s the Top 100 Weekly Winners of each team categories: Common, the Veteran, Elite and Legend Team, meaning there will be a total of 400 Top Total Weekly Winners.

And based on the highest number of wins, First come, first serve basis for players and for all winners you will be awarded 100 $A.O.T., claimable the following day, 3 am UTC onwards.

Every battle victory will be rewarded with 50 Brodium, even if you’re not part of the Top 100 winners. And for our Brodium, keep it! Because the more Brodium you earn, as our Full Game Launch goes live, you can use your Brodium to redeem our common or rare warchests and open up these parts and form these tanks.

CEO Jackson Neo: As for the guild, there are some partial functions, beta test for free, and we can even allow our community to create or join guilds and command your fleet to greater heights. So, this is the part where we are building up to the Concats Academy which everyone should be prepared and start gathering your scholars. Because it is all happening very fast!

CMO Maestro Sim: So, the most awaited Beta Game Launch since, maybe last year, a lot of people are expecting to play our game, how to form your own tanks, how to dismantle the parts and combination of different parts to form a better or stronger tank team in that category. Now you can try it!

CEO Jackson Neo: Okay, now we have come to the end of our presentation for today. Hope you guys like our content and feel free to give us more suggestions. We are listening and you can see that the some of the functions that we are adding are suggestions that we have received during the Alpha Game launch. And we really appreciate that. That’s what the game test is for. And I think it’s pretty amazing that we can add it in the game, enhance the game according to our community. We hope that you guys love it! We are loving it! We hope you guys are loving it as well! So, thank you so much. We pass back the mic to Prof.

Prof. T-Rex: Alright. Thank you so much, gents. Those are amazing updates. And given that, you’re not able sleep much during the past week just to deliver the two different versions of our A.O.T. Alpha and Beta game versions. But before we end our AMA session, I have here two questions coming from our community.

So, let me ask the first question. What were the highlights during the Alpha Test that the team is mostly proud of?

CEO Jackson Neo: Let me start at the whole update today. We are pretty amazed that we accumulated 400K battles already. I think this a very strong test. It shows participation of the community. A lot of protocols out there, they claim having a lot of community, but you can see there isn’t much interaction. But here, we have one of the highest interactions. We have the highest pay out, even before the Full Game is launched. So, community benefitting from it already. And it’s amazing to garner 7 million watchlist attention on CMC. Ever since this happened, so many of our business associates, different partners have been calling us, “Hey guys! How are you do it?’. I am not sure exactly how we do it, but we know that every day we are fighting very hard, like what Prof. said just now. Don’t worry we have our sleep because we all sleep in the studio. We have been here for the past ten days and everybody is just work, sleep and if something happened, I would just go and shake him up, “Something happened Maestro!” And I will go nap. I am very fortunate that we have a crew so dedicated like this. And I believe with a great community and a great crew that’s dedicated like this, in the long run we’ll be one of the most successful game this year.

Prof. T-Rex: Okay. I would like to add also that the best thing about our Alpha Game is that we have a concrete data. We have these players; we have the number of battles during the whole Alpha Game. It’s not just predictions. In all our data, they are all concrete too.

Okay. The second question that I have here is, what are your thoughts about the future of NFT games despite the bearish market at the moment?

CEO Jackson Neo: A few days ago, I had sit-down coffee session with CMO of a very good protocol. I was telling him that I feel that a lot of us are talking about Web3.0 right now. But before we go Web 3.0, we need to embrace GameFi 2.0 first.

So, what happened previously, Axie starting the trend, a lot of people coming into the scene. We all see people trying to perfect 1.0. But Axie has proven to us that 1.0 is over. Even Axie Infinity is readjusting the direction to fit the 2.0. What is the difference between 2.0 and 1.0? I think 1.0 is buying NFT and you play it. And you get tokens. And the more people who do it, the healthier the community is. And once you get the token, most of them just sell. Nothing wrong with that. A lot of scholars need to put food on the table. But NFT token, even Bitcoin, everybody is selling, and you know what would happen to the price. So, this model itself is not perfect enough.

So, for 2.0. the NFT have to be the focus itself. The NFT to be really unique, special. And the same NFT that you buy, it might not be the most expensive but as you experience and do different tasks during this particular metaverse, it will grow and become a very valuable NFT in the future.

Of course, it takes more time and effort but eventually it can be, like some rich people bought — the most expensive one. So, in this way, it’s a healthy flow and the main profit is in the NFT itself. In this way, we are embracing the 2.0. And what would happen for this is, when enough platforms have enough unique and valuable NFTs and they start to cross, that would be a perfect 3.0.

I think the first game to achieve it this year is going to be the biggest. We are trying very hard. Recently, we did the Blind Box. We did the INO. We did the RNG, we did it with Chainlink and we did other thing. And we realized, wow! Our NFT is really sophisticated.

Each NFT has main four different parts. Each part has different attributes and abilities. And we have 20K available, the community has so much. The amount of thing we need is tall, it’s amazing.

It’s really expensive. But I think it’s worth it. I think we are on to something great which a lot of people have not realized yet. So, I think we just need to fight hard and pull through.

And talking about the bear market, well… something is happening in the world right now, in some parts of the world. All the prayers for everybody. We hope that everybody stays safe. No matter what happened, we need to do our part.

I think the bear market is a very good for us to do, what we ought to be doing. Given our past few months’ journey, like what Prof said we have very little time to sleep. During the start of A.O.T. most of our efforts are done only on marketing. So, you can see us doing AMAs every single day, like I think I have done 70 AMAs which is ridiculous. So, it did not give us any time to do what we should have been doing, which is understanding our game, developing our game and enhancing the game. Because this is what makes us successful in the long run.

So, in these recent days ahead, there isn’t so much marketing effort. But we got the time to really work on what we should be working. And I think in this of time, once we created the perfect product, when the market turns, everything will be perfect. So, I think I am appreciating the bear market right now. Although our personal populace is so affected, we are in this for the long run. So, let’s go!

CMO Maestro Sim: Let’s do it!

Prof. T-Rex: Yeah. And you know crypto is immutable. Also, the bearish market won’t stop Age of Tanks on continuing what we have started since last year.

Okay. Thank you so much for those wonderful answers. I would like to close our AMA today with our wonderful message coming from our community, who has been playing Age of Tanks since day one. He got lots of accounts just to grind for A.O.T.

He said, “Thank you to our generous team who has been working hard just to deliver the Alpha and Beta Games. Despite the glitches encountered, we saw the dedication of the team. Thank you for the chance to earn in A.O.T. for the past weeks, which somehow help with my family’s basic needs, especially the milk for my baby”.

Isn’t that amazing, guys?

CMO Maestro Sim: Thank you for the support.

Prof. T-Rex: It was a blessing! Thank you! I guess that’s it! Thank you so much, guys. To everybody, to all our champions who have watched our AMA today! I hope you had a great time playing the Alpha Game. And to those who haven’t played the Alpha game, don’t worry because we still have our Beta Game. Anyone can play it for free. So, go ahead. Go to our website1 Go to our socials and play our Beta game. And also, look forward for our amazing Full Game, maybe next month.

Okay. That’s it! Thank you, our CEO and CMO! See you again on our next AMA! Bye!

CEO Jackson Neo / CMO Maestro Sim: Bye!

CMO Maestro Sim: Thank you!


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