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5 min readMay 16, 2022

Age of Tank’s roster of GUILD PARTNERS is growing steadily! Just recently, we announced the arrival of 2 major guilds on Earth Zero — Battle Game Arena and VV Guild.

Our FULL GAME was successfully launched May 1st, ready for all Champions out there to play. So, you can start playing the game by going to our website.

If you do not have an A.O.T. NFT yet and want to see what an awesome game Age of Tanks is, don’t worry because, upon registration, ALL players will receive a free basic tank (non-NFT) to kick-start their journey in Earth Zero Metaverse! Assemble your tanks, join PVE and start earning Brodium!

What’s even more exciting is that together with our existing strategic partner guilds, our loyal supporters can now apply for a scholarship! After deciding that this game is what you want, you can check out our partner guilds for more opportunities to play and earn!

Here is the list of our Strategic Partner Guilds. Check them out today!


Join our community and our partners’ community.

Looking to apply for Age of Tanks scholarship? Join our social media channels on Discord and Telegram, and establish a presence on our servers. Engage in meaningful dialogues and promote positivity in the channels. Follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts for new updates and announcements. Join mini-games and have fun with other members of the community! Joining the community and checking out our game will give you additional info if this game is for you!

Complete the application properly.

We have different partner guilds and you can check them out and complete an application form that includes basic information such as their name, address, relevant experience, and a justification for being chosen. When it comes to filling out the application, give your responses some thought. Answer honestly, and make sure to include all pertinent information. These forms are used to screen applicants, and properly completing them will set you apart from the others.

Bring your skills and experience to the forefront.

If you have any skills like photoshop, video editing, or content development, these would be a plus factor for you too! Utilize your abilities to create useful material for Age of Tanks community. You’ll stand out among the other scholars if you can demonstrate that you’re a worthwhile contribution. Because you will be a part of the community, it will also be your duty to promote the project and contribute to its growth.

If you have experience playing games similar to Age of Tanks, or playing games with P2E features, it would be something that you should mention in your application.

Apply to all of our Guild Partners.

Applying to all our guilds will increase your chances of receiving a scholarship. Similar to how one could apply to many job openings to expand their options.

If you’ve been offered a scholarship, though, you should decline any further offers. Furthermore, your scholarship will be revoked and finding a new one will be difficult once word gets out.

Soon, our very own AOT Guild will be launched! So, you better watch out for that too!

Consider your scholarship like a real job.

The number of hours one can devote is commonly asked on scholarship application forms. Before you sign up, be sure you have enough time to devote to the game. Consider it work, and like any job, you must be able to complete it. This is an important factor in selecting a scholar. So, you better think if this is what you want and can commit to.

Do not SPAM.

Repeatedly receiving spam messages from applicants pleading to be admitted as a scholar will not increase your chances of being selected. Complete an application for one organization. Put everything you need to let them know why you deserve to be selected and that’s it!

Check out our FULL GAME GUIDE to have a better understanding of the game.




Age of Tanks is the First Military Strategic Metaverse and 3D turn-based strategy game, set in an immersive world, where gamers build & command their fleet of tanks to storm the battlefields in their quest to conquer Earth Zero!

“Age of Tanks is the flagship project of DefiNation studio, a gaming startup proving itself to bring blockchain gaming to new qualitative and user engagement levels. In Age of Tanks, DefiNation studio leverage on the BSC blockchain advanced blockchain and in-game Defi features.” READ MORE.

Age of Tanks is the flagship project of DefiNation studio, a gaming startup proving itself to bring blockchain gaming to new qualitative and user engagement levels.

In Age of Tanks, DefiNation studio leverage the BSC Chain, enabling advanced blockchain and in-game DeFi features.

Age of Tanks Renowned Personalities in the Blockchain Industry as Advisors and over 60 Guild and VCs as Partners are attestations of A.O.T.’s dependability.

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