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4 min readMay 24, 2022


With the recent partnership sealed between My Avatar Nation and Age of Tanks, an AMA session was held on the 22nd of May, 9 PM SGT at Twitter Space with our very own Founder and CEO Jackson Neo as guests.

My Avatar Nation hosted the event with Dennis Neo at the helm. In the AMA session, Dennis Neo shared about the project, a little bit about the CEO himself, and the whole team of My Avatar Nation.

The collaboration with Defination Studios may have begun at their first meeting at the Tiger Night Event at Orchard Gateway when Dennis Neo discussed his concept with Defination Studios Founder Jackson Neo.

Jackson instantly saw this as a game-changer, particularly in Singapore and the NFT environment. And the collaboration took off quickly after that.


My Avatar Nation is a cultural team NFT brand which will host multiple NFT collections, and each collection will be focused on individual countries, cultures, and characteristics.

The first collection, SG AVATAR will be launched first, in Singapore and soon, globally. The avatar collection contains 6909 3D animated NFTs.

The team’s basis is to use cultures as art representation that aims not only to introduce the different cultures around the world but to encourage people to question and discuss what the artwork represents, and its meaning.

My Avatar Nation is focused on providing local artists a place to showcase themselves and get recognized by the government agency to allow them to do something using the IP. But most especially provide real-life utilities that would make a great impact on its holders. It is their belief that it will be then that people will truly appreciate holding NFTS and enjoy the value it brings.

Leveraging Web 3 technology to develop a web tool metaverse, the actual essence of Web 3 is about multiple works, various art, diverse chain, different nature, and unique community. Being able to cross paths, speak with one another, and improve one another.

Why did CEO Jackson Neo believe it would be a game-changer?

MAN’s utilities will be Staking, GameFi, Metaverse, Marketplace, and most importantly its unique utility — NFT HUB which is a physical space that will house an NFT gallery, a café, and a bar plus the Holder’s Exclusive Lounge.

This NFT HUB will be the place where people will go and communities gather, interact and chill with the general public, which will encourage non-NFT people to understand and embrace the concept.

My Avatar Nation will be collaborating with different NFT projects and showcasing their NFTs in the gallery, co-hosting events and giving real-life utilities and discounts, live performances, and more!

In MAN’s Metaverse, with a good community and partners supporting the project, they are bound to succeed.

Here is an excerpt of the AMA session transcript:

Dennis Neo: Hello everyone, I’m Dennis from Singapore. And I’m the founder of My Avatar Nation. Thank you very much for taking the time to be here and hoping to learn more about what we are building. With me here, other than a few of my teammates is Jackson Neo who is the founder of Defination Studio. They are partners for our metaverse and GameFi component and we will be sharing more details about that later…

… And so apart from all our community managers and moderators, all our team docs and our information are available on our website —

… So, a little bit about myself. I’ve been in various businesses for the better part of my life. Some businesses have been involved in or still have interests including renovation. Ecommerce has the long and for a few years till 2019 hours. Also operating clubs in Singapore. So, I exited most of my club’s interests in 2019, and in 2021 November I started focusing on building My Avatar Nation.

Watch more on My Avatar Nation Twitter Space.

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