Unite and Conquer Earth Zero

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3 min readOct 25, 2021


In the prior medium post, ‘Battle & Conquer for the Throne’, we presented the different Battles and Rewards which come from the multiple gameplay modes, including the incentives if you emerged as the King of the Champions.

Gamers play as the CHAMPIONS


As they grew in power, CHAMPIONS get restless. Often looking beyond their borders to acquire land to establish their own base. Idealism or greed, it was time to unify Earth Zero.

The metaverse of Earth Zero is one of the biggest elements that will add a vast range of interaction opportunities between gamers to fulfill the social aspect that extends far beyond the game.


With the ever-changing and evolving strategies and trends, it is advisable for all Champions to upkeep a fleet with varieties for pitting against different opponents and environment.

Happens to have multiple duplicates of parts? Sell them at our marketplace for extra $AOT! Players can also purchase parts using $AOT at the marketplace to forge, assemble and mint a TANK NFT that they are satisfied with.

Once a Player’s CHAMPION reaches a certain level and owns a “LAND”, the
player can create a guild with a small fee. Guild Masters can set Guild membership requirements to increase the quality of their Guild membership. Players can apply to any guild as long as they meet the guild’s requirements. Players can also join through guild invitations.

Hatch, Gun, Hull, and Engine make up each formidable tanks. Each part comprises of 5 different rarities, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mystic, giving rise to different attributes and appearances.

Next up, we will have an in-depth coverage of the FOUR MAJOR TANK PARTS.

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